27 January


Little known fact: About 13 years ago, when I screwed up a TV gig on RTE2 and found myself with little to do, Rick O’Shea at 2fm invited me into 2fm studios and let me figure out how to make a radio demo. I will always be grateful for it.  I promised myself I would always […]

11 February

The Northern Lights in Tromso

The Northern Lights in Tromso

THE NORTHERN LIGHTS PUBLICATION: IRISH INDEPENDENT (TRAVEL) EDITOR: MARY O’SULLIVAN The 21st of January is a special sort of day in Tromsø.  In each of the local schools, the children get together to sing traditional songs and bake little cakes called ‘sonbolle’, a sugar pastry filled with raspberry jam.  This celebration isn’t religious or historical; […]

30 April

Newstalk Freakout at Virtual Reality goes Viral

For years, popular culture has promised us a convincing virtual reality experience. Is it finally here?  Watch Newstalk presenters’ hilarious reactions as they try Oculus Rift in this video I made that’s already seen over 5,000 views in just 12 hours.  On this week’s Futureproof, find out why Mark Zuckerberg paid $2bn for Oculus Rift, […]

23 April

Northern Lights Documentaries

In January, Futureproof headed off to see the Northern Lights.  We made a few videos about it. You can watch them below.

22 April

French Guiana Video Teaser!

We’re back from French Guiana and very excited about our upcoming documentaries on the Sentinel launch and the Amazon.  Here’s a teaser video to whet your appetite.  If you’d like to listen back to the audio documentaries, they’re available as a podcast on iTunes. Links below the video. FUTUREPROOF FRENCH GUIANA PODCASTS PART 1: THE […]