The Dublin-based communications agency Wilson Hartnell has launched a new initiative called WH Culture Collective which is aimed at strengthening its expertise, insights and expertise across multiple sectors.

The brands that win today are those that create and support initiatives and activities that foster real connections, which build trust and have meaning for consumers. The WH culture collective provide independent thought, specialist knowledge, insight and a fresh perspective into the latest trends in Irish culture. Their expert insights help to inform our thinking with real life experience as we bridge the gap between culture and brand on behalf of our clients.

Featuring some of Ireland’s most prominent figures from a range of disciplines, the WH Culture Collective will offer a unique perspective for many brands wishing to drive cultural relevancy to more deeply connect with consumers in the most powerful and engaging ways. The WH Culture Collective includes former rugby international Paul O’ Connell; food-writer and blogger Roz Purcell; the artist Maser; Angela Dorgan of First Music Contact and multi award-winning TV and radio broadcaster and founder of Whipsmart Media, Jonathan McCrea.